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General Information

Admission to the pool is limited to Club Members in good standing, their families, and their guests. The open season for the pool will be the first week of May through the last week of September.

Pool Hours: The pool is open for Member use from 6:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week.

Guarded Hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week during the Fulton County School Summer Break. Prior to Summer Break and once Fulton County Schools are back in session the Guarded Hours will be on weekends, from 11:00am to 5:00pm only.

Early May: Swim At Your Own Risk GUARDED HOURS: Memorial Day Weekend – Mid August

Use of the Pool during UNGUARDED HOURS is AT YOUR OWN RISK
During UNGUARDED HOURS the number of GUESTS is LIMITED and is left to the discretion of CLUB BOARD MEMBERS

Snack Bar: A Snack Bar is located upstairs in the Pool Cabana and sells assorted snack items and beverages. The hours of operation will be based upon peak use.

Pool Rules and Regulations
Please click here to review the Pool Rules and Regulations

Swim Team

The Huntcliff Club offers participation on our neighborhood swim team, which swims under the aegis of North Atlanta Swim Association. Involvement is based on the ability to swim at least one lap, unaided, for the youngest members (6 and under). Registration takes place in the spring, and the Competitive Season runs from May through late June. Meets are held both at our pool and at opponent’s pools. Coaches are teenaged year-round swimmers who possess good experience with organized practices and myriad of meets. For additional information, inquiries should be made to the current Club Pool Director Tim Fore at

Click here for the Huntcliff Hammerhead Swim Team website.

Pool Parties and Special Events
Pool parties and special events with 12-20 (maximum) attendees require scheduling through the Club Pool Director three (3) weeks in advance of the function and all parties must be approved by Board. This policy is strictly enforced and is intended to ensure the safety of all. Large, unannounced groups put an unnecessary burden on the Lifeguard and create an unsafe condition where severe injuries can occur. Parties without reservations are in direct violation of our contract with Sears Pool Management (SPMC) and are not covered under our insurance policy. SPMC reserves the right to close the pool if an unscheduled party arrives at the pool and advance arrangements for adequate staffing have not been made.

All members in good standing may “host” a party at the Huntcliff Pool. The following criteria must be followed in order to have said “party”. Please contact the Club Pool Director directly, no less than two (2) weeks prior, to make a reservation for your pool party.
  • There is a $300.00 security deposit required to reserve the pool, this includes a non-refundable facilities fee of $100.00. After cleanup of the party, (all trash is disposed of properly and the party area is clean) the remaining $200 will be refunded to the Club Member “host”.
  • The Club Member “host” must schedule and pay for their own Lifeguard. This means securing a Lifeguard contract in advance. Lifeguards should be secured through Sears Pool Management by calling 770-993-7492. Go to, click on customer, and find the party form at the bottom of the page.
  • Official parties may only be held during pool hours Monday – Thursday. The Club Member “host” must be present at all times. A Club Member may not “host” a party for a non-member. All participants under the age of eighteen must have a signed parental permission form provided by the Club Pool Director. The completed form must be given to the Pool Director before using the pool facilities. No more than twenty participants in all. This includes parents and siblings who attend along with invited guests. If a non potty-trained guest has an “accident”, causing pool closure, the Club Member “host” will be responsible for all related costs. This amount will be deducted from the refundable portion of the $300.00 deposit.


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